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Do You Use Blogger for Uploading Images ? Always check the file size

Blogger Images hosting service is a blessing for Blogspot users - Google imposes no bandwidth limits, you can upload pictures in virtually every format and best of all, the storage space is unlimited as well.

When you upload a photo with Blogger Images, the picture is automatically resized / resampled so that it takes less space on the Blogger server. The original image is stored without modification but you also get another image that's smaller in size than the actual image.

Sounds perfect but there maybe a problem in some cases like the one we faced today.

We uploaded a ~28 kb PowerPoint Screenshot on Blogger Images for this post. As expected, Blogger resized the image and gave us a smaller version that was 400px wide.

The issue here is that the resized image is ~64 kb in size which is like double the size of the original picture. Though Blogger reduced the dimensions of the image from 450px to 400px, it increased the file size in return.

This happened with the classic version of Blogger though we didn't test it on new Blogger. Something to be really careful about else you could end up increasing the loading time of your webpages.