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Dell Selling Naked Desktops - Windows Pirates in China May Rejoice

Dell recently introduced n-Series desktops and laptops that are shipped without any operating system - not even Linux or Free DOS.

If you happen to buy any of these "Open Source" Dell Systems, the first thing you would want to do is install an OS in order to boot the system. [The n Series desktops have a non-formatted hard drive ready for OS installation.]

This news might bring much joy to existing owners of Windows XP/Vista or even Linux fans who love Dell machines but hate shelling out that extra money for the Microsoft OS which they will probably never use.

Last year, facing pressure from US and even Microsoft, China issued an ordinance requiring PC vendors to ship new computers pre-loaded with a legal OS license to prevent Windows piracy.

To circumvent this new law, the Chinese vendors started shipping computers pre-loaded with DOS which is often free and legal OS.

Now with Dell joining the OS-free computer market, all these Naked PC consumers might eventually shift to Dell. The year 2007 will be an interesting one for Dell, especially in China.