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Clean Google Groups Messages & Forwarded Email with eCleaner

Old Usenet messages and forwarded email can look ugly with all those single or double angle brackets (">"), line breaks, white spaces and in some cases, the email messages has a chain of real email-addresses starting with the address of the original sender.

Sometimes you also want to forward these messages to a friend or just print them for reference but only after cleaning up the message with all the garbage it collected while being passed around various inboxes.

Either you can clean up the message manually by pasting it inside a text editor and using Find & Replace or a smarter option is to get eClear - a freeware that just makes those ugly forwarded messages look good again.

clean forwarded email
eCleaner can remove HTML code, indents (">>") and word wrap fragmented sentences with a single click. The cleaned message is automatically copied to the clipboard.

There's even an option to remove the email headers from the message to protect email address from landing in the hands of spammers. Headers are considered to be parts of code that start with lines like -----Original Message----- and end with Subject: or Date:

eCleaner Homepage | Download eCleaner

Bonus Tip: Before you hit the Send button, remove those two characters from the subject that say "FW:" else the chances are that your friend would delete the message without even opening it.

Update: The new email clients are smart enough to include right indents instead of ugly > characters.