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Blogger Error: Another blog is already hosted at this address

Shuaib Shahzan is facing a problem while setting up Blogger with Custom Domains.

He registered a web domain and mapped it to by changing the CNAME record
to point to The blogger-domain mapping was very smooth but he now wants to point to instead of

Shuaib deleted the blog to free the domain and then tried to map to but Blogger is not letting him do that with the error - "Another blog is already hosted at this address"

Though his old blog is deleted from Blogger database, the mapping record probably still exists. It could be a bug in the new Blogger Beta or the cache needs to be cleared up or there is a small chance that someone has hijacked your redirect.

While you can do nothing about it, the issue can be resolved by writing to the Blogger Support as it requires manual intervention.

The page to contact Blogger support is

You can also post a copy of your support request on the Blogger Group from where the Google support team represented by Blogger Buzz and Blogger Employee can pick it up.