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Adobe Wants a Slice of Apple Pie [Final Cut Pro]

Adobe Premiere always dominated the Mac video-editing market but when Apple introduced Final Cut Pro in 1999, the equation changed so much so that Adobe completely halted the development of Adobe Premiere on Mac. Ever since Adobe Premiere for Mac was discontinued in 2002, Final Cut Pro became the defacto digital video editing software for the Mac.

But the tide may soon turn as Adobe has changed it's mind again and are re-entering the Mac business. Adobe would soon launch Adobe Premiere Pro for the Intel-based Macs. The software would be showcased initially at the Macworld 2007 Conference next week though the retail version would only be available in mid-2007.

Another significant development is that Adobe Soundbooth [reviewed here] will be Adobe's answer to Garage Band / Soundtrack Pro developed by Apple. The development of Adobe Audition [formerly known as Cool Edit Pro] will continue though only for the Windows platform.

Adobe's (late) decision to bring Premiere Pro on Mac strongly suggest that Apple computers still dominate the video editing industry by large and it was getting increasingly tough for Adobe to ignore the Mac crowd.

Another point in favor of Apple - as PC users get to work with their favorite digital video editing software on the mac, it could give them another reason to switch from a PC to a Mac.

And it is not for the first time that Apple and Adobe are competing in the software space - Apple earlier released Aperture targeting digital photographers who were editing inside Adobe Photoshop.