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What Is That One Question You Would Ask Bill Gates ?

Bill Gates Question Answer SessionIf you were given a chance to stand face-to-face with Bill Gates and ask him any one question, what would that be ?

Why is Windows Vista so much like Mac OS X ? Where is Ray Ozzie these days ? What's cool - Zune or iPod ? When will MSN AdCenter launch globally ?

Will be a very tough thing to do when you are in proximity of the richest man on this planet who's also a great philanthropist and most influential businessman of all times.

After a group of elite bloggers met this great personality, Todd Cochrane was disappointed since, according to him, none of the bloggers posed any tough questions for Mr Bill.

Scoble and Mike, Bloggers extraordinaire, who have lot of experience meeting industry leaders and celebrities, make some thoughtful and good comment on this whole episode.

Scoble agrees that people do turn into softies when meeting with tech industry leaders but again, that's human nature:
Well, let's assume I paid your round-trip airfare, hotel, bought you nice meals, and gave you some nice swag. Wouldn't you be feeling just a little more generous toward me?

But, now, let's say I set it up so that every year I'd do the same thing but I'd put little hints out there that you wouldn't get to come to next year's shindig if you made any trouble.
Mike has a more straightforward response which comes straight from his bucket loads of experience
I interview companies every day, and there is only so far you can go with the tough stuff. People just shut down or go into PR speak when you go to far.

I'm not concerned about not getting invited back by asking a tough question, I'm concerned that I won't get an interesting answer.
As Steve Rubel adds - "A bunch of us were overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the moment. I have never met a President of the United States but this sure felt like it for me."