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Two Confusing Features of Picasa That Can Frustrate You

Picasa SoftwareWhile creating a Photo Collage in Picasa for this post, we faced a funny problem - Picasa was not importing all pictures from the hard disk or atleast they were not appearing in the Picasa Image Library.

To our big surprise, this was not due to any bug in Picasa but because of the default settings of the program outlined below:

1. Picasa will not import pictures in PNG and GIF format unless explicitly told.

2. Picasa auto-hides images in the Library View that are smaller than 250x250 pixels in size.

Not sure why Google decided to hide smaller images or GIF/PNG pictures in Picasa by default, but it is fairly simple to fix these factory settings.

» To import and display small pictures or thumbnail images in Picasa Library, just click "Small Pictures" under the View Menu. [see screenshot]

» To import GIF or PNG format photographs in Picasa Library, goto Tools, Options and click the File Type tab. Place a tick next to the image / video formats that you want to import in Picasa Library.