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Techie Dads - What was your Baby's First Word ?

Tech Father talking to his New Born Baby

Study shows that "Papa" is one of the first words uttered by infants since the stone ages followed by "dada" and "mama" but in the above cartoon, the geek father seems to have a different kind of experience while talking to his new born baby.

On the personal front, my son Google is now around 18 months and he can easily address all the family members with unique names (which are sometimes really funny).

I can be "papppa", "papppu" or "paaapaaa" depending on his mood.

AryamanHe generally stays away from my computers but lately, I do see him enjoying photo slideshows in Picasa or playing with volume control buttons on the laptop - probably the back lights that glow up on pressing the buttons attract him.

And if you enjoy mommy blogs - read The Mad Momma - the author (mother of one and expecting another baby) has a great style of writing with a very good sense of humor.

Disclaimer: This daddy blogger is me.