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Rare Florida Stamp inside Ballot - Much Ado About Nothing

When the November 7 election officers in Florida discovered an old 24¢ postage stamp inside a ballot envelope, little did they know that this rare "Inverted Jenny" stamp could be worth as much as $200,000.

These stamps were misprinted with an image of a upside-down World War I era airplane and that makes them all the more rare and expensive.

There are some 100 such stamps in circulation and philatelists worldwide are still toiling hard to locate them all.

Today, the world of philately was in for a rude shock, as this rare and expensive Florida ballot stamp was reexamined by trained philatelist and it turned out to be nothing but fake.

Mercer Bristow from the American Philatelic Society said both the printing method and the perforations on the edge of the stamp gave it away as a fake.

A month long postage drama ends on a very funny note.