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Podcast Directories

Update: Digg Podcasting is no longer available. Please use Podcast Gallery.

Digg Podcasting homepage is now "the ultimate place" to go not just for discovering popular podcasts but you can also subscribe to them, download individual shows or listen them online. There's support for watch video podcasts as well.

And the features offered by Digg are definitely way ahead of competition that comes from Yahoo! Podcasts or the Apple Podcast Directory which is available only inside the iTunes interface. You submit content, you rate it and you comment on it.

With Digg, you get to know two useful things - what are the hot podcasts and what individual episodes of that podcast are hot.

It eliminates the need to download those "huge podcast files" only to discover that the show was so boring - Read the comments (or even the Digg count) around the podcast episode and you will get a fairly good idea whether the podcast is worth your iPod or not.

Spammers are less likely to pollute the Digg Podcasting section since new podcast submission are approved by Digg moderators before hitting the homepage. Some may disagree with the moderation part but that's again essential for the keeping the system clean.

Managing podcast subscriptions has never been so much fun and community oriented. All that the podcast community needs from Digg is RSS feeds for Podcast sections like Technology, Screencasts, etc.