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A MyBlogLog Trick to Show the Recent 127 Visitors on your Blog

MyBlogLog widgets that show the thumbnail images of recent visitors can be spotted on most blogs now [including Digital Inspiration]

It's actually a very interesting service especially for bloggers because they get an idea of who visited their blog recently - the visitor is identified with his real face and not with his IP address.

Most bloggers have widgets to show just the last 5 or 10 visitors but MyBlogLog actually stores data of the last 127 Mybloglog members who paid a visit to your blog. This data can be pretty useful if you are visiting the blog say in the morning and like to see who visited while you were fast asleep.

So here's an easy trick to display the full log of visitors [live example]

Step 1: Choose one of the websites that you author and click Get Widget

Step 2: Type the values in the Widget Form as shown in the screenshot below - leave the title text box empty to remove the heading.

When you click the Preview Code button, you will give some Javascript - just paste it anywhere inside a webpage and there you are - a neat photo album of the last 127 visitors who are members of MyBlogLog and just passed by your blog.