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Most Effective Adsense Layout for A Two Column Blog Template

Rashmi Bansal uses the default 2 column Blogger Template - the first column contains the main articles while the second column (or the sidebar) has Blogrolls, Archive Links, advertisements, etc.

In this Part II of our weekly Adsense Optimization Series, we will try to to improve the Adsense Layout of Youth Curry with the goal of increasing Ad revenue without impacting the visitor experience.

Rashmi Bansal - Youthcurry Screenshot

First, take a look at the left screenshot which depicts the current Adsense layout. As the red arrows point, Rashmi is using three ads on each of her blog pages - a 468x60 unit at the top of the blog post and two 160x600 skyscrapers in the right sidebar.

Let's try to understand why this is not the most optimized layout for her kind of a blog:

1. Most of her blog posts are lengthy and carry enormous number of visitor comments that further elongates the webpage. Now users would typically read the full post and then look for pointers to extra reading but there're none in this case.

2. The longer adunits on the sidebar do not blend with the blog color scheme and therefore are more likely to be ignored by site visitors.

3. Also, if you consider the Adsense Heat diagram, you would know that visitors rarely pay any attention to the blog sidebars.

4. The 468x60 ad at the top will serve the highest paying ads but it's current location makes it less visible [as the pages have lot of content]

Now in the "after screenshot", we have applied minor tweaks to the layout which can possibly push the Adsense income by as much as 50%, if not more.

Here's the logic behind the new layout and why it would result in better CTR. [the points are numbered in the screenshot above]

Point 1: There isn't any search feature on the blog. Using Adsense for Search or Google Custom search, Youth curry can generate extra revenue. The top right corner is the most visible location for a search box.

Point 2: As stated earlier, visitors look for extra information when they finish reading a long post - so an ideal location for placing an ad is just where the post ends. We suggest using a 300x250 Ad unit since wider rectangle perform better plus they can accept text, image as well as video ads. [Always give more choices to the advertisers as he may want to target and place CPM ads on your blog]

Point 3: New visitors to a blog are also interested to know more about the blog author so their eyes will automatically search for "About Us" or Profile section of the blog. So it makes sense to place a small 200x200 ad just below the profile section since that space receives lot of attention from new visitors.

While the above three tips will boost the ad revenue, there are couple of extra things that might be done to get more relevant ads. One - use section targeting and second - if possible, add a horizontal ad link unit either below the blog heading or in the space that's currently occupied by the 468x60 unit.

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