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The Impolite Blogosphere Getting Tough for Women Bloggers

"The heat comes with the kitchen," commented David Pogue while highlighting how hostile *ordinary* people are to each other online these days.

Natali Del Conte Techcrunch
But it seems like Natali Del Conte of TechCrunch, seen above with Sergey and Youtube founders, could not take the heat anymore and moved elsewhere. Mike shares some reasons behind Natalie's early departure from TechCrunch and they are not very encouraging:
It’s hard to explain how brutal user comments can be. And if you are a woman you often have to deal with sexism as well. Natali was dealing with both. She’s never had that kind of direct, anonymous feedback, and it’s clear it got to her to some extent.
Natali was frequently a target of TechCrunch readers and did try to answer comments directed at here.

It is also very ironic that two weeks ago, Molly of Screeniac had voiced similar concerns about TechCrunch that possibly led Natali to leave. Molly wrote:
I read Techcrunch all the time, but it has become a bit catty..Some of the comments lately have had nothing to do with the news story at all. Not surprising there is the occasional, "your hot!" .. Are her feelings hurt?
Natali T. Del Conte, who was with Ziff-Davis (PC Magazine Editor) before joining TechCrunch, was probably the only "she-blogger" in the A-lister community generally dominated by males.

It is sad to see her leave but one really needs to develop a very thick blog skin especially when you are female blogger. Blog readers can be very rude and critical at times. As one blogging policy says, never fall into the trap of responding to and correcting everyone who disagrees with you.

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