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How to Delete Browser Cookies of a Website

Do you think internet cookies are evil ? Well, it depends on the website that's storing them but in most cases, cookies are not evil.

Say if you're visiting, they can set cookies to personalize your shopping experience by recording what items you viewed.

No problem here but suppose your spouse also visits the Amazon store using the same computer - would she be interested in the items that you have viewed on Amazon. Probably not.

She may want to get rid of the Amazon stored settings by deleting the browser cookies in one go but is it the best approach ? No, because that would mean losing the customization settings of all other websites as well.

Now while browsers don't allow you to select and delete cookies, you can easily do so via the following bookmarklet. Just drag-n-drop this link somewhere near your browser address bar.

Remove Cookies of this Website

When you are done shopping with Amazon, click the above link and all the cookies stored by Amazon will be deleted.

You can also use the bookmarklet to keep yourself safe when you land on a website that looks shady like a porn or a warez site.

View Cookie Information is another nice bookmarklet to help you discover what information the current website is storing on your hard disk. Good for inquisitive mind.

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Thanks Ryan Wagner.