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How to Cure a Hangover After a Night of Boozing ?

Hangovers, caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, can sometimes be very embarrassing - you wake up next morning very tired, irritated, depressed, with a dry mouth and a severe headache.

While there are some hangover pills that promise to eliminate hangover and help you get rid of that headache, you will be surprised to know that the hangover affect can be reduced (if not eliminated) with some simple home remedies.

All you need is a banana, water, fruit juice, ice and some fresh air. Just watch this video.

Science has not discovered any magical cures for hangover yet, but if you practice abstinence during the bar party, you'll wake up fresh the next morning. Drink alcohol in moderation, not in excess.

Other good suggestions to avoid hangovers include eating a good fatty meal and drinking a a glass of milk before leaving your home for the party.