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Hate Asking Strangers To Shoot Your Private Photos ? Get the Quick Pod

Imagine enjoying yourself on a nice vacation on some remote island with your wife. You have the camcorder and a digital camera to capture those wonderful moments of togetherness but there's a small problem - you don't find anyone around to shoot a photograph of you and your wife together.

And even when there are folks around, you don't feel very comfortable asking them to capture pictures of you. So how do you take back these precious memories ?

Worry no more, here's an easy solution that put you back in the picture frame with your wife without the help of a passerby.

Get the Quickpod - a sort of a monopod - and screw your camera to one end of the rod, set the timer [most camera has one now] and press the shutter release button.

Your arm will be in a comfortable position and will not appear in the photo. A highly recommended camera accessory for couples that are on a honeymoon.

Available at Amazon Store, Quick Pod [via Uneasysilence]