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Everything Blogger: Listen to Googler Eric Case

Ryanne and Jay, popular video bloggers, recently spoke to Googler Eric Case who has been part of the Blogger team at Googleplex for the past few years.

Eric spoke about the recent issues (network outages) with Blogger, the new features of Blogger Beta, migration from old blogger to new blogger beta, and what's coming next. Must watch for all Blogger users and fans [just hit the play button]

Some interesting points made by Eric during his 9:00 minute talk:

1. Google is migrating Blogger from it's legacy architecture to Google scale solid architecture.

2. Historically, Blogger would publish static files via FTP but with Blogger beta, they'll serve dynamic content - a technique pioneered by Livejournal. No more hitting the "Republish Entire Blog" button.

3. The new dashboard page of Blogger 3.0 is more optimized for users with fewer blogs.

4. All Google products will share the same account, i.e., login.

5. When your blog is migrated from the old version to the new blogger, you get an email saying the conversion is done successfully. This should take a couple of minutes only.

6. Blogger Support staff actively monitors the Blogger Help group for issues - so that's probably the best place to share your problems.

7. Google is migrating users to Blogger beta is phases as migration puts lot of strain on old Blogger database and impacts the performance for existing users.

8. After the migration is over, Google will bring RSS feed enclosure support in Blogger. Google will integrate Blogger with Google Video and Youtube. Not sure when yet.

9. Blogger could have media specific Blog templates that support video blogging and podcasting directly.

Download Eric Case Interview [Quicktime mov, 47 MB]

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