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Edit Pictures Online in Adobe Photoshop Style with Fauxto

Adobe Photoshop on the Web
Fauxto is a new player in the heavily crowded market of online photo editors but with a difference.

While the current breed of online image editing program provide tools to enhance or manipulate existing pictures inside the web browser, Fauxto lets you create new images from scratch just like you would do inside Fireworks or Photoshop.

Fauxto is done complete in Adobe Flash so once the application loads inside the web browser, subsequent actions take little or no time. And wait, did we tell you that Fauxto has layers and filter support that you generally find in expensive photo editing software.

You can open multiple images at the same time that show up as tabs making it easier to switch from one drawing to another.

The images can either be uploaded from your desktop or taken from the web directly. Just be a little careful while editing stuff in Fauxto as there's no undo option yet. Ctrl+Z won't work either. And we didn't like the annoying tagline on the output as well.

Overall, a very interesting application that is very likely to climb the popularity charts as new features are incorporated. If Adobe were to ever build a web edition of Photoshop CS2, Fauxto has already done the ground work for them.

Fauxto photo | Developer Blog | Thanks LifeHacker