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Download Firefox - Final Release Version

Mozilla Firefox today secretly released the final version of Firefox on their FTP servers though the update has not appeared on the Firefox homepage yet.

This Firefox minor update is slated to fix hundreds of bugs including couple of memory leaks. Some noticable fixes in FF 2.0.1 include:

» Memory leak when loading Google Firefox homepage, clicking bookmark, and closing window
» Memory leak on Google personalized home page
» [Firefox:Installer]-Bookmarks missing, tabs broken, etc. (Firefox 2 install over Firefox failed to replace some files.)

Since most of us spend a great deal of time watching web videos in our browsers using Flash players, it is recommended that you update the copy of Adobe Flash Player to version 9,0,28,0 which otherwise can be a reason for some Firefox 2.0 problems.

Download Firefox [~5.8MB Direct Link]