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Does Snap Preview Anywhere Annoy You ? Just Turn it Off

Snap Preview ScreenshotSnap Preview Anywhere is a free add-on for websites that allows site visitors to see a live preview of an external link without having to visit the site. [like Cool Iris but requires no download]

When visitors roll the mouse pointer over an external link on your site, Snap Preview is automatically activated and shows a thumbnail image of the linking site in a preview window. Very neat implementation and an awesome feature, no doubt.

But there may be folks who will find this "site preview" feature annoying because either they hate preview windows that pop up without request or they are on slow Internet connections and Snap Preview definitely takes few seconds to render / draw the website image.

Don't have the time to wait or like it to be removed from all websites that you visit ?

Fortunately there's no hack required as the good guys at Snap themselves provide a simple one-click mechanism for you to disable Snap Preview feature on all websites that you visit. Just click this link - Disable Snap Preview - and you will never see those site preview images popping up again in the browser.

Later, if you want to turn that feature ON again, just click the Enable Snap Preview link or clear your browser cookies. Just note that you are using multiple browsers, you will have separately click these links in all browsers since browsers don't share cookies. [Thanks JD]

An ideal site-specific solution would be that webmasters turn Snap Preview Anywhere off by default on their websites but provide a small check box that would allow visitors to choose whether Snap Preview windows should be enabled or disabled for that site.