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Can You Write With Both Hands Simultaneously ?

Ever tried to write or draw something using both the left and right hand at the same time ? It's tough. Though there is a good population of ambidextrous souls in this world who can write with both hands equally well, they still can't write with both hands simultaneously.

But there are always exceptions - Joseph Clark Baldwin could write and draw with both hands and both feet simultaneously (after first removing his shoes). Veena Vadini School in India is teaching students to write with both hands at the same time so that they can take notes in two different languages on two different subjects simultaneously.

And this multitasking human from China [see picture above] can focus on doing 5 things all at once - he wrote 5 different Chinese characters all at once - using 2 brushes in his left hand, another 2 in his right, plus one more held using his mouth.

All I can do is touch type with both hands simultaneously.