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Download Adobe Acrobat Reader 8

Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 will hit the Adobe FTP servers very soon. Adobe Reader 8 was released an hour after publishing this post.

Last month when Adobe released Acrobat 8, they announced that Adobe Reader 8 is expected to be available in early December 2006.

Now that December is here, Acrobat Reader 8 help documentation is also available on the Adobe website now giving a strong hint that version 8.0 will be released very very soon.

Here are some of the new features in Adobe Reader 8 grabbed from the online help docs:

» Booklet printing - Print pages as a simple booklet, for example, 2-up, saddle-stitched.

» 2D Measurement tool enhancements - Measurement recalculated if start or end point moved. Measurements snap to lines, intersections, or corners.

» Commenting and markup enhancements - View and accurately place callout and cloud markups as you apply them.

Kate Moss, an Adobe Acrobat expert, adds that Adobe, for the first time, has included a Acrobat Reader version specifically for the newer Intel-based Macs.

Download Adobe Reader [Current Version 8.0 - AdbeRdr80_en_US.exe]

John Dowdell just reminds us that it was on this day, exactly one year ago, that Adobe acquired Macromedia.

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