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Adobe Magazine Rises from the Ashes, Again

Adobe MagazineBack in 1995, Adobe launched a print publication with the name Adobe Magazine that was published bimonthly for registered users of Adobe software in various countries.

This popular Adobe publication was however discontinued in 2000. Then 4 years later, Adobe reinvented their magazine with a new name - "Adobe Proxy" - offered only as a PDF download.

Now Adobe is relaunching the Adobe Proxy magazine as an all-new Adobe Magazine for Creative Professionals. The first issue will be e-delivered in January 2007. Subscription remains free and the magazine will be published quarterly.

Subscribe to Adobe Magazine [Thanks Vinaya]

The new Adobe Magazine will be delivered via e-mail. It may be a good idea to merge the Adobe Magazine and Adobe Edge newsletter since two newsletters on "tips & tutorials" from the same company can cause confusion. Alternatively, Adobe could focus the Magazine on print, image editing and typography software while the Edge newsletter on Web, Audio and Video editing software.

On a related note, the back issues of the Adobe Magazine are still available for download on the Adobe servers. Here are some links:

International Edition [2002-2005 issues], US Edition [1995-2000]

Other recommended joints for Adobe fans include Layers Magazine, Terry White, Jennifer Apple and Jan Kabili who recently appeared on the ScobleShow with Thomas Hawk.

From one of the old magazines - Adobe Proxy was produced in PDF with Adobe software, including Acrobat 7.0.5 Professional, InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS2, and Photoshop CS2. The text is set in Univers, Adobe Garamond, Avenir, ITC Officina, Letter Gothic, and Myriad Pro. Design by AdamsMorioka, Beverly Hills, California.