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The 10 Funniest Email Messages in our Inbox

Presenting a list of 10 most funny and weird email messages that hit our GMail Inbox in 2006. Some are hilarious. [names changed]

Email 10:
Pls give ur contact and address. Thank u

Email 9:
I am student of Kwansei Gakuin university in Japan. I’m sure you’re very busy, but could I ask you two questions? It won’t take long! What do you think 3D world will be in the future? Is it possible to make another 3D world that is equal to Earth in reality?

Email 8:
Hello, I would like to e mail Tony Blair, I think he has done a phenominal job in the Uk,but would like to ask him what his proposals are as far as allowing so many different nationalties to take all our stores on Edgeware Road and Kilburn Park Road and make them look like we now live in either Pakistan,India or the Middle East. Why? Would you be so kind as to either forward this e mail,or let me know why this is happening

Email 7:
Hi my name is Laura Wilson I would like to ask you a question. The question is would you give me $24,000,000? I would be so happy you would be my hero!! If you can’t give me that much can you give me at least $2,000,000? Write back at RR#4 Eganville KOJ 1TO. If you can’t do that at least give me $1,000

Email 6:
May God bless you abundantly. I would be grateful If you could pen down few lines as an advice and inspiration for our present students so that I can put up on our school notice boards. Do visit your school when you get a chance.

Email 5:
My name is xxx, im a student studying engineering. my goal is to become a formula-1 driver .can u guide me how to reach my goal.what are the steps that should be taken.

Email 4:
May I please get a phone number to contact AOL directly?

Email 3:
Please can you delete the:" Windows Genuine Advantage Active X Control "from my Computer?

Email 2:
It is gud going through your site – I really liked it – could u share u blogs template with me I promise I will not copy it.

Email 1:
i m a blind person and using a software in my mobile nokia 6600 named talks but i have only demo version of ten minutes then i have to restart the phone to continue listening menus for more ten minutes so i want any crack which can help me use this software without any limitation.