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Vizu Answers: Monetize Your Blog Without Sending Visitors Away

Vizu LogoVizu Answers is an innovative concept for generating extra revenue from your website without displaying banner ads or text links to your site visitors. And since Vizu uses CPM (cost per mile) based pricing model, bloggers can make money from every page impression independent of visitor clicks.

Using Vizu Answers (see live example), advertisers can place interactive web polls on your blog and when a user votes on a poll, the results load immediately into the window without the entire page needing to reload.

The most tempting part is that, unlike other advertising networks, the site visitor continues to stay on your website even after participating (or clicking) in a Vizu poll.

You start by creating a custom Vizu Poll Zones (like blogads) on your site and set your own CPM rates (Vizu charges 50% commission). The poll zones can be completely customized to match the look-n-feel of your site including the width and colors.

Each Poll Zone can be between 150 and 300 pixels in width while the heights are typically between 300 to 600 pixels. Clients pay extra for added graphics; so the taller the poll, the more money you earn.

The Vizu polls are served via Javascript and displayed using Flash [not Ajax]. When the Zone is closed, the content below moves up and leaves no blank areas on your page.

You will earn revenue for every impression of a Vizu research poll shown in your Poll Zones. Vizu will issue payment at the end of each month via check or paypal as long as you have accrued at least $50 in revenue in your account.

Vizu probably uses cookies to prevent duplicate voting and site visitors do have the flexibility of changing their votes.

Advertisers will definitely love this idea since they can easily target their research to a niche set of audiences.

For instance, Microsoft can get feedback about Zune by placing Vizu web polls on Engadget, Gizmodo and other tech websites where a large proportion of visitors are already Zune users.

Overall, the entire Vizu Answers workflow is every impressive and offers a neat implementation that will easily blend in existing blogs. Give it a shot.

Just remember that sidebars above the main fold are probably the best location for placing a Vizu Answer Poll widget - greater visibility and will command higher CPM.

Vizu Answers | Vizu Web Polls | Sample Polls [Thanks Sakshi Juneja]

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