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Microsoft Launches Secure Wars Contest for IT Pros (not Developers)

Microsoft India has announced a new contest - Securewars - to promote the concepts of Information systems security amongst Indian IT Professionals. This contest is primarily aimed at Networking Administrators.

There are tons of attractive prizes to be won including XBOX 360s, Windows Smart Phones, USB Kits and several early bird gifts.

The securewars contest will have four stages. The first two stages will be online. This will be followed by a Quiz and a written exam. The qualifying contestants will be given a case study with defined business and technical requirements with possibility to propose numerous products, technologies and processes.

Top 10 participants from this stage will be interviewed by a panel of experts. Based on this interview and scores from the previous 3 stages the eventual winner will be announced during ITPC to be held in Mumbai towards end of Feb 2007.

Register here for the Secure Wars Contest. Registrations will remain open until 31st Dec 2006.

Secure Wars - Let no threat pass! [Link via email from Abhishek Kant]