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Looking for Windows XP SP3 With Vista Theme by Amit ?

A lot of people are coming to this blog, via search engines, to download Windows XP Service Pack 3 by Amit ? And today I received an email asking if the Windows XP SP3 sold on ebay created by Amit Talking is my brain child ? Left me pretty surprised.

A quick search on Google Images for Windows XP Pro SP3 by Amit Talkin showed me the following screenshots suggesting that someone with the yahoo id (amit_talkin) has created a slipstreamed version of Windows XP Professional integrating all the patches or hotfixes released by Microsoft.

Turns out it is actually a pirated copy of Windows XP (ISO installer) which also includes Microsoft Office 2003. Here's the description written on one of the forums [link removed intentionally]
Windows XP Pro SP3 Unattended install by Amit Talkin. (with Vista theme and more)
Includes M$ Office 2003, Adobe Reader 7, MSN Messenger, Firefox.
Completely silent, unattended and activation free, no serial needed. Windows XP Pro SP3 Unattended Install (Inc MS Office 2003). Will burn to 700mb cd.
Vista Sound Pack, Vista Transformation ( including new vista beta 2 themes, styles, glass effect many more )
This Comes With Microsoft Office 2003 SP2( Full...SlipStreamed 75 MB)...Total ISO Size is 695 MB!!
While I have written extensively about Windows XP SP3 on this blog, there's absolutely no connection with the above XP SP3 installer except the first name "Amit"

Infact, Microsoft has earlier warned XP Customers against downloading the XP SP3 preview package that surfaced on the internet few months ago. If you are keen on installing all the Microsoft patches released after XP SP2, I would again suggest Autopatcher XP - perfectly legal.