Female Video Bloggers Moving to TV News Channels

Female vloggers with pretty faces and huge fan-following are just few in number but very much in demand especially among the TV channels who are keen on exploring this new world of vlogging.

First it was Amber Mac who quit G4TechTV to join CityNews International as their New Media Specialist, reporting on new media and interactive trends. Amber co-hosted the popular Call For Help show with Leo Laporte before making the move to traditional news media.

Now it's the turn of vlog celebrity Amanda Congdon to go on air. She will regularly appear on ABC News Now and occasionally appear as a correspondent on the network's TV news broadcasts. Like Amber, Amanda will also host a video blog on abcnews.com focusing on topics such as new media, politics, and the environment.

Congdon is also working on a show for HBO that will be more on the comedy side. The subject of the show is still in the works, but Congdon plans to both write and star in the series.

Amanda, in a recent interview with Guy Kawasaki, also spoke in detail about her split with Rocketboom - "Suffice it to say, this struggle was about control.. I thought I was involved in a partnership, but that was a guise.. You just can’t wrap me up and put me in a closet only to take me out when you - and you alone - need me. I'm not a robot. I'm a human being."

In a related news, Dave Winer hints that Nick Douglas left Valleywag to do a web video show with one of the big video producers but Blogging Times feel that Nick may move to Diggination.

Update: Susi Weaser, a gadget blogger, has been hired by the BBC for their "Something for the Weekend" show which airs every Sunday morning. Susi was recruited after her vlogs for TechDigest.tv and ShinyShiny.tv were spotted on Youtube by the BBC staff.

Lot of excitement coming up in the video blogging space in the next few months.

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