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Digital Picture Frames Can Make Your Office Productive

While a bunch of Google Adsense partners are excited to receive a 3.6" TFT Digital Photo frame from Google as a Christmas present, Anne Zelenka adds that digital photo frames can make your boring cubicle more inspiring.
A reminder of what you love most. The most common item to find in someone’s cubicle at work is a photo of friends or family, for good reason. But you don’t have to put them in a regular old frame.
Well, most of us aren't lucky enough to receive a photo frame from Google as a gift since we don't make that kind of money from Adsense, but we can surely buy this cool photo device from or to boost our productivity levels.

Also a great gift for your mom who hates sitting on the computer and firing up Picasa for watching those anniversary pictures. These frames start from $100 upto $500 for larger screen sizes like 8x10.

Philips is probably the most popular manufacturer of Digital Photo Frames.

Digital Photo Displays don't need a PC - just attach the SD memory card or the USB Memory stick and watch your pictures as a slideshow. You can view the photographs in either portrait or landscape mode.

Update: Not sure if the Philips 7FF1WD/37 Digital Media Player is available for sale here and Amazon is not shipping electronics to India yet. Till then, you can just transfer the photographs to the iPod and connect it to the widescreen TV.