Apple Adds Low Resolution Digital Camera to iPhone

One of the most eagerly awaited mobile devices on the planet is undoubtedly the iPod cell phone popularly known in rumor circles as the Apple iPhone.

While consumers can expect to buy the iPhone handsets early next year, the latest buzz is that these iPhones will also include a 2.0-megapixel digital camera in addition to the iPod MP3 player.

If the news is true, I wonder who would be willing to buy a camera phone in 2007 with a 2MP resolution when that's a standard now itself. Nokia N93 has a 3.2 MP resolution and six months from now, it is certain Nokia would at least double that resolution figure.

A 2MP camera may not prove be a big selling point for the iPhone.

There was no mention of the iPhone prices but the report says that Foxconn Electronics will manufacture the iPhone for Apple.

The device has been finalized and released to manufacturing already so those expecting to see a iPod PDA phone with a touch screen style may be feeling a bit disappointed.

Picture Credit: Apple Laboratory | CNet News

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