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Wikipedia Deletes Entry on Google Perfect 10 PageRank Websites

Sometime ago, Wikipedia had a page with list of websites and webpages that were blessed by Google with the PageRank of either 10 or 9. Unfortunately, this page has been deleted by Wikipedia now though the page title [Websites with a High PageRank] still appears in Wikipedia search.

Our previous story on Google PR 10 website was actually sourced from Wikipedia where we mentioned that is the only website that has a 10 Pagerank but still shows Google Ads and Sponsored links on their main page [so you can effectively buy a static link on a PR 10 page]

While the usual suspects like, and enjoy the perfect 10 out of 10 score, it is really surprising to see the and still haven't managed to breaking into the elite PR 10 club. They are still at step 9 of the Google ladder.

Search Engine Genie carries an updated list of website and internal webpages that have a PR of 10. The New York Times website is now part of this exclusive group while has maximum pages with PR 10.