Google Mugshot: Did you visit Google Belgium Today ?

google mugshotGoogle in Belgium has suddenly gone taller.

This screen capture of the Google homepage looks extremely ugly and cluttered but it is real [you can see it for yourself by visiting which is the Belgian version of Google Search page]

Not just the Google Belgium homepage, try the Image search page or the Google News page and you'll be greeted with that same river of poorly formatted lines of text which may be completely greek to you. They are actually part of a court order.

Philipp says that Google is following a court order that has instructed them to print the full ruling of the Google News case on the Google homepage else Google would have to pay half a million Euros per day.

So rather than paying a hefty fine, Google is more happy to throw an ugly version of their homepage to users in Belgium.

Google was given earlier given 10 days to remove cache articles from Google and Google News links to the articles or face a Euro 1-million daily fine. Google has also stopped indexing the Belgian newspapers' content on Google News.

The court ruling posted on Google Belgian properties is the full text of the judgment that stops Google from displaying news content from Belgian, French and German newspapers without paying them or asking their permission.