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Good News for Digg Addicts: DiggUpdate Available on Windows

It just got easier for Digg users on Windows to quickly discover front page news on or find stories dugg or submitted by their Digg friends.

Diggupdate has been popular utility that shows the frontpage stories from on your desktop. DiggUpdate will also inform you of Digg stories that are either dugg or submitted or commented by your Digg friends. Just type your Digg username in the preferences window and start discovering

DiggUpdate sits as a tray icon and when there are new front page stories you have not seen, the lamp in the icon will turn yellow. Simply click on the Diggupdate tray icon to see the new front page stories in a transparent menu which lead to the actual stories when clicked.

Oops, I forgot to say that DiggUpdate is now available for Windows as well. It's a small download that runs directly without an installation and the interface is a clone of the Mac version. Digg Download now. The developers have put the entire source code in public so can someone please port that for or

DiggUpdate | Windows Download