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Creative Uses of Old Floppy Disks: Don't Discard Them

While we were in college some 10 years ago, the 1.44 MB 3½-inch Sonly floppy disc was our ultimate tool for transferring project documents and programming code from the University Labs to our hostel room computers and then back to the labs.

While CD's did exist during that time, CD burners were a rare species. Few years later, the higher capacity and more trustworthy USB Pen Drives almost those square unreliable floppy diskettes obsolete and most of us were left with were piles and piles of disks which our moms are so eager to throw in the dustbin.

Some of us are probably using floppy discs as drink coasters but here's a more creative use - turn your piles of floppy disks into a carrying bag.

Instructables, a site we introduced last month, has an illustrated guide on how to make a floppy disk bag with a strap to carry it with you. Not sure if people would be willing to take the flloppy bag with them to the market but the project is definitely fun.

Make a Floppy Disk Bag [via Make Blog]