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Convince Your Boss To Switch from Office 2003 to Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 will hit the stores later this year to replace Microsoft Office 2003.

You have been involved with the Office 2007 beta versions and love the all-new user interface especially the Ribbon panel and the Live Preview feature. Unfortunately, your boss [who hates learning new things] isn't very impressed with the Office 2007 look-n-feel and he finds himself more comfortable using the traditional menu style interface.

But you still want to try convincing your boss to upgrade to Office 2007. Now if you run out of reasons anytime, Marc Orchant find this rental car analogy for you which is written by an MS Office product manager:

The analogy goes something like this:

He compares adjusting to the new [Office 2007 Ribbon] UI to the experience of driving a hire car out of an airport. You don't know the car you will get. Some things are in different places in the car, it feels a bit funny and the visibility is all different. You can take a while to get confident driving it even though you are a confident driver at home in your own car.

The part where you get in and drive it slowly around the carpark, trying out the indicators and window wipers, accidentally tooting the horn and getting the feel of the brakes and gears. This is how it feels getting used to the new Office but soon you drive out of the car park and you are on your way.

It doesn't take long and before you know it, you have adjusted. Sometimes when you get home again, your own car feels weird showing how you made the switch. This is how it feels if you use 2003 after using 2007 for a while. They call it the "sense of mastery" which is the feeling that the application is on your side and you know how it works.