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Check All Your Web Email Accounts with ePrompter: Almost Everyone Needs It

Your lycos email is full of spam. For important emails, you opened an hotmail account since it was the most popular email service in those days. Later you shifted to Yahoo mail but you still receive emails from old contacts on Hotmail so have to check it once atleast everyday. And now you opened an account on GMail after some close friend forwarded you a gmail invite.

That means you have four email accounts to check each day. And this is no imaginary situation - a lot of us can easily associate with this scenario especially people who been using web email since Pine days.

So how do you check emails from so many different email services ? You either visit their website, type in the user/password and take a cup of coffee while the email inbox loads in the browser. But imagine the pain when you have 5 different email accounts - so many different websites and so many different login details to be remember.

How about hiring a personal secretary who can check your emails from all these different accounts ? If you are also thinking on these lines, get ePrompter - a free utility that will simultaneously check and retrieve all your e-mail messages from AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Rediffmail and all other e-mail services.

Other than notifying you about new email messages at regular intervals, ePrompter will also help you you compose, forward, and reply to your retrieved messages without having to visit the email website. This is so cool for sending short text emails.

ePrompter will notify you with a unique rotating tray icon when there's new email in your inbox and there's even a screensaver to show you the number of new messages in each email account, as well as audio alerts for new messages.

ePrompter - Free email notification software. The current version of ePrompter may not work with Windows Live Mail or Yahoo! Mail beta.