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Cheap Ink Cartridges: We Get What We Pay For

Owning a photo printer may sound simple but it's just half the battle won - you will feel the real cost only when it's time to replace printer cartridges or buying photo paper which are recommened by the printer manufacturer.

Agree, you can still print with cheap ink toners or refill the old cartidges but the problem with third party inks is that prints made with them will fade much soon than you can imagine.

Studies by Wilhelm Imaging Research have shown that Hewlett-Packard inks used with HP recommended Paper produce prints that last 73 years under standard illumination, the cheap inks faded in five months or, at the most, six years.

In addition to photo fading problem, printer companies regularly issue warning that the printer heads or the microscopic ink jets could be clogged or permanently damaged by using cheap inks. And the warranty gets void the moment you fiddle with your printer cartridge.

Like the Cameraphones with sub-megapixel cameras are killing memories, so do the cheap ink. Say no before it gets too late.

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