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Best Indian Blogger Awards by Microsoft India

After their hugely successful Indic Blogger Awards, Microsoft India has announced another Indian blogger contest called "BlogStars" which will highlight some of the best developer blogs in India.

To participate in the BlogStar content, your blog must showcase your thoughts and experiences around Microsoft technologies and technology in general.

While there's no limit on the age of your blog, it should definitely fit in one of the Microsoft technology categories like Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Windows Vista, etc. So if you are enthusiastic about Microsoft product, this contest may be a good medium for you to get noticed and meet like-minded bloggers from across India.

The Top 20 Blogstars will also get an opportunity to form the first Microsoft Blogging Cell. The winner also get to meet the Top Microsoft executives though their names have not been disclosed yet.

According to Abhishek, Microsoft has a pervasive blogger culture and there is really no blogging guidelines for Microsoft employees except - "Use your judgement"

You can register your blog’s URL for the Microsoft Blogstars contest here.

Microsoft Blogstars | Blogging Cell [Thanks Abhishek Kant]