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Airport Security Screening Game: Frisking Passengers Is No Easy Job

Airport security officials recently arrested a high school teacher when she attempted to board a passenger flight while carrying a Geometry box with slide rule, protractor, etc.

Lee Hopkins calls the teacher a member of the 'Al-gebra' movement charged for carrying weapons of maths instruction. Brilliant analogy.

Now with every other item ranging from shaving razors to hair gels to toothpaste tubes banned from carrying inside the airplane and the ever changing airport security rules, have you ever imagined what the life of an airport screener would be like ?

Airport Security, an online Flash video game, gives you a virtual chance to play the role of ground security agent who frisk you and your hand-baggage before giving you entry to the airport boarding area.

You are faced with a long queue of airline passengers and have to use the mouse to remove prohibited items from passengers and their luggage before sending them through the gate. And if you are not quick enough, the queue starts building up and so does the temper of the waiting passengers.

Try to play the game while are you actually standing in the security check queue at some airport checkpoint. [via Water Cooler Games]

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