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Adobe Acrobat Presenter - Convert Powerpoint Slides to Flash Presentations

adobe acrobat presenterWhile there's enough buzz about Acrobat 8 and Adobe Connect software, most have missed the new release of Adobe Presenter that came alongside Acrobat Connect.

Adobe Presenter, earlier known as Macromedia Breeze Presenter - is a versatile Powerpoint add-on that converts your Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations [ppt] into interactive web slides with notes, quizzes and even surveys.

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The content can be played on-demand inside any web browser as long as it has the Macromedia Flash plugin. What sets Adobe presenter apart from other ppt to swf programs is that it creates pixel-perfect, web-ready renditions of your PowerPoint presentations, including support for the full suite of PowerPoint animations.

You can also include voice-over narrations, Flash Video files (flv) or streaming audio in your Adobe Presentations. Adobe Presenter content can be published either to Adobe Connect Server or your local hard drive for distribution in CDs or posting on your website. You can even brand your web presentation slides with your talking head, corporate logo, taglines, etc.

The Adobe site has no mention about pricing structure of Adobe Presenter though the original Macromedia Breeze Presenter was available either as a software license or as Annual subscription with online hosting provided by Adobe. It is unlikely that Adobe will provide a standalone download of Adobe Presenter for converting Powerpoint slides to Flash though you may give Adobe Captivate 2 a try.

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