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YurNet Provides Simple Access to Web Tools

Yurnet may initially look like another meta search engine that brings you the best search results from MSN, Yahoo, Google, Ask in one central place but digging deeper, you will find some unique features in Yurnet that allows web users (especially newbies) perform complex searches in simple english without learning about site operators or numerous websites.

Here are two features of Yurnet Toolbox that standout:

Internet Toolbox - This is for webmasters or anyone who is doing basic research on a web domain, an IP address or for tracing the origin of an email based on the sender's email address.

Specialty Search - You type in the search query and tell Yurnet what kind of results you are looking for. It will let you choose between Google Images, Ebay, Wikipedia, Dictionary, Job sites or even Trends from Google Trend or Technorati charts.

Yurnet is essentially a wrapper toolbox written around tools like Wikipedia, Google, Alexa, DNS Stuff, Ebay, etc. Hence it may appeal to those web users who need one central place to search across these wonderful services without remembering their URLs.

Unfortunately, Yurnet doesn't offer a way to bookmark search results and you leave the Yurnet page everytime you make a search. Also, Yurnet Comparison Search would be more useful and appearling if results are presented in a common-style interface integrated inside the Yurnet site itself as we see in Dogpile or Jux2.