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Yawn!! Slashdot Covers Google Trends Three Months after Official Launch

This is probably the most dumb thread you would ever find on
Google started to offer a new Trends service that allows viewing search term request statistics split up by geographical locations and languages. In short one can use Google trends to figure out what's hot and what's not and perhaps even find cyclic patterns to pick best time to advertise.
As you would recall, Google Trends launch is a very old news but the famous nerd site picked up the story only today. What's even more surprising part is that the editors didn't do any fact checking before publishing the story on Slashdot frontpage. [I thought Slashdot team was working extra hard these days as the Digg threat is looming large]

Unlike Digg, Slashdotters have been more or less gentle to the editor who submitted this dupe story. There are also some interesting Google Trend charts mentioned in the Slashdot comments:

Ubuntu vs Debian Jesus vs Beatles Slashdot vs Digg Windows vs Linux Slashdot vs Digg vs Youtube Java, C#, C++, Ruby On Rails Apples vs Oranges Men vs Women, Man vs Woman .NET vs Java Internet Explorer vs Firefox

Amit Varma [via email] discovers that blogs are generating more search queries than .. [see chart above]

What's Hot, What's Not Hot - Compare Google Trends with Technorati Charts and Blogpulse