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Using FeedPass RSS Landing Page ? Move to Feedburner Now.

Feedpass #, the infamous clone of Feedburner #, is showing signs of trouble. The owners have decided to sell domain and the entire software code base on eBay.

While Feedburner has been a huge success story, Feedpass really never picked up but they are writing a strange excuse for selling their baby.
..we're curious to see what the market value might be for such a valuable domain and the code that runs it.
Would someone put his house for sale on eBay just to determine the market value of his property ? Will you buy that arguement ?

What worries me here is that if some scammer manages to win the auction, the entire Feedpass database of Blog feeds and associated Google Adsense Publisher IDs will be at his disposal which may translate into bad news for existing Feedpass subscribers.

Anyway, at the time of writing, Feedpass auction failed to generate buzz and didn't touch even the reserve price. The running bid is just $1225 though the Feedpass owners estimated that the current value just for the domain name alone is at least $1 million dollars. High expectations.

If you publishing feeds using Feedpass, I guess it maybe a good time now to shift to Feedburner. Or atleast remove your Google Adsense ID from the Feedpass feed.

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