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Updates from Digital Inspiration Blog

There are a couple of recent developments that we like to share with our blog readers on new partnerships, site changes and what's coming next. Here's a quick summary:

» I am happy to announce a new publishing relationship with Master News Media network managed by Robin Good in Italy. Now some of our articles will be republished on their prestigious network of websites and we'll also get an opportunity to share their stories on this blog. [Read the first story]

» I am planning a video pocast show this month which may cover Technolgy news briefs, website reviews, lifehacks, reader queries and tips. Do you have any suggestions for the show ? Are there any specific topics that you would like to see on the show ?

» You might have noticed a couple of cosmetic changes on this blog since last week. I am not allowed to share details but it's based on input from experts.

Podcasting Equipment» Our podcasting equipment has finally arrived. The kit (as you see in the picture) has a Samson USB Condenser Microphone [C01U], collapsible tripod boom stand [BL3], Goose Neck Pop filter [PS01] and Altec Lansing noise-cancelling headphones. Stay tuned for our first audio podcast on technology with [name to be disclosed very soon].

» CNN IBN [a TV Channel in India] were in town recently to cover Professional Blogging. It was definitely an interesting experience but I won't kill your excitement by describing the shoot in detail. The program might be aired this Saturday on Connect [1:30 PM & 6:30 PM repeat]

» Lot of people have been asking if I am making a switch to the Blogger 3.0 anytime soon. I prefer to wait for sometime because I am not sure if all my template settings and layouts would be preserved in the new blogger version. The Blogger label features is a blessing but unfortunately, there's no easy way out to tag old blogger posts.

» Some 110 readers have joined me on Frappr. Can you also take a minute and put your name on the map. It would take just 10 seconds of your time.

» I have integrated search in the main website itself. Now when you do a site search, you will stay in the main site itself with the same design theme. Feedback would be appreciated.

» I will be in Chennai on September 9th and 10th to attend the BlogCamp conference. Why don't you join us ? It will be a good learning opportunity plus you get a chance to meet bloggers from all across the country. Just put your name on the Blogcamp wiki.

» I am looking for your suggestions on improving this blog. Please let me know and I will more than happy to incorporate them [a.p.agarwal at gmail]

Happy Independence Day!!