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Yahoo! Song on the Homepage Inspired by Shammi Kapoor

Who says that easter eggs are found only inside software, Yahoo website has one too. It's a two second hilarious audio clip secretly embedded inside the the Yahoo! homepage. [Just cllick the play button above]

Now if you want to test your detective skills, please stop reading this post further and try to locate this song on the yahoo! homepage. If you fail to find the song, here are the hints.

You'll have to open in IE and then click the "!" at the end of the Yahoo! logo on the top. Make sure your sound is at the maximum level.

If you are on a different browser, download the Yahoo Song in Flash SWF or MP3 formats.

The song brings back memories of another famous hindi song from a Bollywood movie Junglee where Indian actor Shammi Kapoor makes a similar sound "Yahoooo......"

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