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Surprise Your Site Visitors With a Welcome Message Mentioning their City, State or Country

Did you notice anything special in the welcome message above ? It has your geographic location and the flag of your country. [You may have read this article on the blog site if you are inside an RSS reader]

Assuming that you are able to see it, this personalized phrase is done using IP2Phrase, a sister site of IP2Location.

You are probably aware that IP2Location maps your computer IP Address to your city, state, country and the ISP name through which you are connecting to the internet.

Now they have another lesser known but wonderful service called IP2Phrase that lets you great your site visitors with a personalized message based on their geographic location. For instance, a visitor from NY gets to see a message like How's the weather in New York ? or New York is such a wonderful city - just to flatter the visitor.

Adding Ip2Phrase in your website or blog is pretty simple, just add the following Javascript snippet to your site template or blog post. You are free to change the template language or even omit the location tags or add them multiple times.

<script language="Javascript" 
Thank you for visting from <CITY>, <COUNTRY>
You are browsing our website through ISP <ISP>" </script>
How to find the geographic location of site visitors ? Convert IP Address to Physical Location.