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Skype Users Can Connect to Google Talk Soon, New Skype Google Toolbar Coming

Gtalk Skype Logo
eBay and Google have signed a click to call advertising deal that will allow internet users to initiate an Internet voice call with the advertisers using either Skype or GTalk.

There will also a Skype version of the Google Toolbar with a button to initiate Skype calls directly from the browsers. This may just be an extension to the existing Skype Web Toolbars that automatically recognize phone numbers and Skype Names on webpages and call them with one click.

The Skype Journal adds that depending upon the default client they use, they will be presented with a Skype icon or a Google Talk icon. If a user has both clients they may even be given a choice to select the default client they wish to use for "Click to Talk".

Now the most interesting news here that should bring cheers to millions of Skpe and Gtalk users is that the two internet giants are exploring ways to connect Skype and Google Talk via open standards to enable text and voice chat.

The number of Google Talk users may be miniscule when compared with Skype and there are already some third-party Skype plugins that help you connect Skype with Google Talk but when the two IM programs are linked natively, Google gains visibility on Mac/Linux platforms and also gets to compete better with Yahoo-MSN IM deal.

While Skype and Google would make more advertising dollars from this agreement, it is ultimately the average internet user who benifits since he gets more choices and best of both the worlds. Interesting times for IM fans.

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