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Send a Voicemail Without Ringing the Phone

Your friend is probably in the library or in a meeting with some client so you want to send him a voicemail without ringing his/her mobile phone. Or sometimes you are just not interested in talking to the person and only like to drop him a voicemail. Now if you call up, he may pick up the phone. So Pinger is one free service that comes to your rescue.

You call up the Pinger site, leave the voicemail message and it reaches your friend as an email. You can send a Pinger message to anyone with an email address. If they're a Pinger Member, they'll get a notification on their phone, email or both. If they're a Guest like you, they'll get an email.

If you use the service from your computer, via the Web, it will be free. But Pinger will start charging you once you exceed ten messages a month from your phone. | Sign Up page | Pinger Help [via Silicon Beat, CNet]