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Printer Anywhere: Stop Emailing Documents, Just Print them via Internet

Say, you just took a cute picture of your kid that your mom would love to see. Or say, you have a 100 page PDF document that you have to share with a colleague sitting in another corner of the world.

You can use email in both the above cases (or even fax for the PDF file) but the problem is that the picture file size is too big to be sent as an email attachment and you aren't sure if your mom even knows how to open a JPG image file ? And with that 100 page document, sharing just the contents of page 32-34 would suffice so why email the whole document ?

A good alternative in such scenarios is to send a hard copy of the file. I am not suggesting you to print and then snail mail the documents, instead send a print command to your mom or colleague's printer directly from your own computer.

So your next question is how to send a print command remotely via the internet ? Just get Printer Anywhere, a freeware program that lets you print documents from a computer connected to the Internet to other people's printers on the network.

During installation, the software creates a special printer on your computer called PrinterAnywhere. Instead of turning your document into the paper, this printer instead sends it across the network to one of the printer owners (you may not have a printer at all).

Printer Anywhere - Print it anytime, anywhere!