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No Diamonds please, Girls prefer Plasma TV

The French are glad to die for love.. They delight in fighting duels.. But I prefer a man who lives..And gives expensive jewels.. Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Men grow cold as girls grow old.. And we all lose our charms in the end.. But square-cut or pear-shaped.. These rocks don't lose their shape.. Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Lyrics are great but unfortunately, women today do not relate themselves to this famous Sparkling Diamonds Song from Moulin Rouge.

According to a Girls Gone Wired survey, Diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend, they prefer gadgets.

More women opt for tech items than luxury items like jewelry or vacations. A majority of women preferred a new plasma television to a diamond solitaire necklace or even a weekend vacation in Florida.

The survey also found the technology gender gap has virtually closed with the majority of women snapping up new technology and using it easily. This conflicts the previous report that found women underestimate their tech skills.

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Source: Tech Replaces Diamonds As Girl's Best Friend